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My name is Mark Tan and I have have a passion about visual expression and narrative. Eye Tape is the means by which I can experiment and refine my video work. Since 2005 my work has migrated drastically in technology as well as content. My very first (and rather embarrassing) collaborations with friends can be seen here. These videos were created usually during vacation from college. The latter work you see on this site are a product of down times between working professionally the in animation field of video games and television.

It has always amazed me with how much a couple of friends and a camera could accomplish. From exploring the many locations for the Moby video shoot to the illegal guerrilla shooting for Akira, I always want to step into new territory. If it is nearly drowning capturing the underwater sequences for a lookbook, getting yelled at by a police officer, or having my good friend Elliot drive like a madman to follow motorcycles on the highway, I am thankful for all of the experiences this project has given me.

Film and video work is ultimately a collaborative effort. I am always open to working with other skilled videographers and filmmakers to create. Also I have worked freelance for clients such as Emazing Lights and Bricksworth.com. For any inquiries I can be reached via this email: