New Website Finally Up

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Hello my limited audience! After many, many months my new website is finally up and running. I have been very busy recently working on my online clothing store recently and it has been very difficult to get everything for Eye Tape back up and running. So here we are! There have been two new pieces of work since then, the first being the lookbook for my company.

This video below took a couple months to make. Most of the work went into converting the illustrations I made to 3D in After Effects.

Another fun fact is that I was half drowning and coughing while shooting the underwater sequences. The camera bag was like a huge flotation device, so it took extra effort to submerge and get the shots I wanted. At one point, Allie (the model) was concerned and suggested that we stop because I was shivering and coughing constantly. Good times!

The video below is a product of one long day and night in the Joshua Tree National Park. I had never been before, and I truly appreciated the peacefulness of the area. I also attempted some intricate steadicam shots through crevices in the rock formations. I slipped and fell a few times but I think some shots turned out really nice. Check it out.


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